Disability Counsel

Grow your scope of practice, by enhancing your capacity and understanding to support vulnerable persons and families more effectively.


Dr Fiona J Davis has clinical expertise spanning more than 20 years in the disability sector and is deeply committed to supporting individual human rights. Fiona’s areas of specialty include Positive Behaviour Supports, Dual Diagnosis (MH/ID-DD/ABI), mental health interventions, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disability/Cognitive Impairment, and Neurological and other developmental delays.

Fiona has extensive practice and clinical expertise, has worked across Australia in a range of roles and is able to couple her skills and experience to achieve the best possible situation for an individual. Fiona is a very strong advocate for vulnerable persons of all ages who live with disabilities/disorders in particular around their human rights. Fiona’s key message is ‘translation to practice’ for the benefit of the person.

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Fiona Davis ~ CEO

Disability Counsel

Disability Counsel is a supervision service developed by Dr Davis.

What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision is a formal and disciplined working alliance that is generally, but not necessarily, between a more experienced and a less experienced worker, in which the supervisee’s clinical work is reviewed and reflected upon, with the aims of: improving the supervisee’s work with clients; ensuring client welfare; supporting the supervisee in relation to their work and supporting the supervisee’s professional development.

Supervision Models

Dr Davis utilises a range of Developmental or Process based models in her supervision program. The type of model used is based on the context in which the clinical supervision is being provided (i.e., whether provided by an Employer for its staff, or as an external supervisor for an individual practitioner). Additionally, the focus of the supervision is based on the supervisee’s stage of development as a practitioner with adjustments made according to developmental needs.

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Dr Davis is uniquely positioned to provide you with specialist clinical supervision in the area of disability / Dual Diagnosis / Mental Health, etc.
If you require assistance with the accreditation as a Behaviour Support Practitioner with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission National Competency Framework, we can assist you. Dr Davis is a Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner and fully understands the Competency Framework and has developed a package and program to work through the Commission’s requirements.

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