Dr Fiona J Davis

  • Doctor of Health Science (QUT)

  • Master of Mental Health (Psychotherapy) (UQ)

  • Master of Health Science (Developmental Disability and ASD) (USyd)

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Disability and Families) (ECU)

  • Graduate Certificate in Criminology (Forensic Disability) (UoM)

  • Advanced Clinical Supervision (GTB)

Member of:

Australian Community Workers Association
Association for Positive Behaviour Support (US)
Australian Clinical Supervision Association

Disability Counsel Ethos

  • Authentic and realistic clinical supervision that supports a practitioners’ understanding of Positive Behaviour Support as a Model of Practice but also the legislative and compliance requirements;

  • Credibility as a Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner;

  • Understanding of the lived experience of disability;

  • Translation of Practice to meet the reality of families of children with disabilities or individuals themselves.

Get in Touch

Dr Davis is uniquely positioned to provide you with specialist clinical supervision in the area of disability / Dual Diagnosis / Mental Health, etc.
If you require assistance with the accreditation as a Behaviour Support Practitioner with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission National Competency Framework, we can assist you. Dr Davis is a Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner and fully understands the Competency Framework and has developed a package and program to work through the Commission’s requirements.

  • +61 409 750 759

  • fiona.davis@disabilitycounsel.com.au